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Monday, December 26, 2011

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones

1. Gather 5 wood logs by chopping trees.

2. Gather 5 stones by mining rocks.

Quest Rewards

1. 500 Gold

2. 4 Experience

Raise the Roof

Raise the Roof

1. Find a good location and place Yvette's house. (Found in your Inventory, as The Duke will walk you through.)

2. Gather materials to build the house. (5 Stone, 5 Wood. Gather these materials by chopping trees and harvesting rocks. This will also come as the quest Sticks and Stones for The Duke)

3. Build Yvette's House to add her to your kingdom.

 Quest Rewards

1. 500 Gold

2. 10 Experience

The Duke


First, task. 

Banish two Gloom Rats. 








Sticks and Stones

Monday, December 19, 2011


Time: 5 Minutes
Cost: 5 Gold
Payout: 50 Gold
Profit: 45 Gold
Per hour profit: 540 Gold (Planting every 5 minutes)
Profit with Reduction: 1,080 Gold (Planting every 2.5 minutes)


Time: 30 Minutes
Cost: 25 Gold
Payout: 100 Gold
Profit: 75 Gold
Per hour profit: 150 Gold (Planting every half hour)
Profit with Reduction: 300 Gold (Planting every 15 minutes)


Time: 1 Hour
Cost: 50 Gold
Payout: 150 Gold
Profit: 100 Gold
Per hour profit: 100 Gold
Profit with Reduction: 200 Gold


Time: 24 Hours
Cost: 100 Gold
Payout: 550 Gold
Profit: 450 Gold
Per hour profit: 18.75 Gold
Profit with Reduction: 37.50 Gold


Time: 8 Hours
Cost: 150 Gold
Payout: 400 Gold
Profit: 250 Gold
Per hour profit: 31.25 Gold
Profit with Reduction: 62.50 Gold


Time: 12 Hours
Cost: 200 Gold
Payout: 500 Gold
Profit: 300 Gold
Per hour profit: 25 Gold
Profit with Reduction: 50 Gold


Time: 14 Hours
Cost: 250 Gold
Payout: 600 Gold
Profit: 350 Gold
Per hour profit: 25 Gold
Profit with Reduction: 50 Gold


Time: 16 Hours
Cost: 300 Gold
Payout: 700 Gold
Profit: 400 Gold
Per hour profit: 25 Gold
Profit with Reduction: 50 Gold


Time: 2 Hours
Cost: 40 Gold
Payout: 175 Gold
Profit: 135 Gold
Per hour profit: 67.50 Gold
Profit with Reduction:  135 Gold


Time: 3 Hours
Cost: 75 Gold
Payout: 225 Gold
Profit: 150 Gold
Per hour profit: 50 Gold
Profit with Reduction: 100 Gold

Chili Pepper:

Time: 18 Hours
Cost: 350 Gold
Payout: 800 Gold
Profit: 250 Gold
Per hour profit: 13.89 Gold
Profit with Reduction: 27.78 Gold


Time: 4 Hours
Cost: 400 Gold
Payout: 600 Gold
Profit: 200 Gold
Per hour profit: 50 Gold
Profit with Reduction: 100 Gold


Time: 36 Hours
Cost: 500 Gold
Payout: 1,000 Gold
Profit: 500 Gold
Per hour profit: 13.89 Gold
Profit with Reduction: 27.78 Gold

While the grape is the clear front runner, I don't think any of us are so addictive as to sit there for an hour and plant every 2.5 minutes. But hey, at least now you know.



Rafael is a handsome Latin man. Men want to be him. Women want to be with him. Rafael talks at length about his past. Many of his adventurous tales are true. Some strain credulity. No one is entirely sure which is which, but that mystery only deepens the legend of Rafael.

Rafael was orphaned as a child when a Beastie horde attacked his village. This incident is one of the earliest encounters with The Dark One's minions. Safely shrouded in the mysterious Gloom, the Beasties grew in numbers. More villages fell. The land was overtaken.
Always up for adventure, Rafael became an accomplished woodsman. He is a master with the axe. His life is devoted to saving others from The Dark One, or as Rafael calls him, Senor Shadow. Although he approaches his mission with a solemn reverence, Rafael still manages to look mighty fine while he saves the ladies.
Unfortunately, Rafael's current whereabouts are unknown… He was last seen searching for the great wizard Alastair who has become lost in the Gloom. Alastair saved Rafael during that fateful Beastie attack so many years ago. Rafael feels honor-bound to return the favor. Besides, it surely will be a grand adventure!


  • Charming & exploring, in that order
  • Big axes
  • Beasties. What better way to show off his talents?
  • Honey rub downs. Giving or getting!


  • Boredom
  • Villains and knaves (anyone who displays a lack of manners and chivalry)
  • Shirt buttons. Why cover up something so glorious? 





Tom was the mightiest knight in the realm. Known for his bravery and strength, Tom was responsible for peacefully resolving the Great Dragon Migration of '32. Tom also put an end to "Goblin Week", though some of those stains still won't come out.  No matter the problem, Tom was the Knight-On-Demand. He'd rush into the fray with his customary battle cry, "For honor! For glory! For cupcakes!"
Those days are long gone. Hard living, and an increasingly soft belly, retired Tom to a sunny beach far away. Fishing. Whittling. Eating pastries by the cartload! It was pleasant at first, not having to get up in the wee hours to shine armor or trek across the frozen wilderness tracking the odd grumpy troll. Yet, as the days passed, he began to miss the old days. Tom grew bored and – though he'd never admit it – a bit lonely.
Tom returned to the Kingdom to search for a stalwart young squire to train and pal around with. He was shocked to see the majestic land blanketed by the purple Gloom. Beasties roamed. Sadness reigned. Tom knew the Great Wizard Alastair could help. If only Tom knew where to find him!
Armed with his trusty sword and a pack full of jelly donuts, Tom set out on his greatest quest of all.


  • Whittling (dragon bones preferred)
  • Training young squires in the fine arts of swordplay and pastry
  • Charming the barmaids with tales of his glory
  • Anything covered in sprinkles


  • Anything that spoils his peace and quiet
  • Prim and proper ladies
  • Weight restrictions on carriages
  • Day-old donuts 




"Yvette is the youngest of three sisters. Unfortunately, she was separated from her family. Left alone in the woods, Yvette was adopted by a brawny woodsman and a beautiful siren. The couple raised Yvette as their own daughter. Yvette picked up her musical abilities and love of woodland animals from her adoptive mother and father, respectively. Yvette's voice is so immaculate, so perfect, that all forms of animal life flock to hear her song (for better or worse). Each animal brings gifts to show their affection for the lovely maiden.

Yvette was eventually separated from her parents when the murky Gloom swept in and unhappily covered the land. The mysterious cloud took her parents and forced Yvette to flee. She did manage to find a small, safe haven, one of the last remaining Kingdoms in the land."


  • Sunshine
  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Singing
  • Iced Tea
  • Lavender in the morning's dew
  • Smiles and laughter
  • Hunky, shirtless men


  • Grumpy Gus's
  • Angry storms
  • 3 a.m.
  • Depression
  • Conflict
  • Tight spaces
  • Frowns that can't be turned upside down
  • Monsters that eat all the cute animals 


Raise the Roof